Sunday, November 28, 2010

Monthly Scrapbook Club

I've found that when I am part of a club I get more done! So to help you (and myself) get more done in 2011, I decided to start a monthly club.

Here is how it will work:
  • Each month I will post the layouts and supplies needed for the next month.
  • You can choose to purchase those supplies on a month by month basis.
  • Everyone who participates will have a chance to receive hostess rewards.
  • Your name will be on a list and each month that you order it will move up the list. If you don't order one month your name will stay in the same place. If you don't order for 2 consecutive months your name will begin to move down the list.
  • When it is your turn to be the hostess I will let you know so you can collect additional orders, boosting your reward amount.
  • You will receive a minimum $25 in Hostess Rewards.
  • If you are local to me we will meet at the end of each month to put together the layouts. $5 will get you all the extras I will add (additional cardstock, ribbon, materials for interactive layouts, etc.)
  • This is replacing the Workshop on the Go Club.

So why don't you join me and we'll see if we can knock out some layouts for our scrapbooks this next year! Comment on this post or e-mail if you plan to participate so I can add your name to the list!

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