Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Workshop on the Go Club

Now that summer is almost over it's time to get scrappin'!
When I fall behind on my scrapbooking (wait, I would have to be caught up to do that :) Anyway, a great way to get caught up on your scrapbooking is with the Workshops on the Go kits. These are awesome. In each kit you get a complete Level 2 paper pack, an exclusive stamp set, 1 or 2 complete packages of embellishments, and a workshop guide. All for $29.95 ( a 10% savings.)

Beginning September 1, I will be offering a Workshop on the Go (WOTG) Club. When you join the club you are committing to purchase a WOTG kit each month (or $30 in other product, because face it, you might not always be thrilled with a particular kit!) Each person who joins the club will take a turn being the Hostess. AND, when it's your turn to be the hostess, you can collect outside orders as well and boost your rewards!

Joining is easy, just send me an e-mail and you are signed up. I will send out an EZ Invite the first day of each month for you to order your kit. You can always add to your order, just make sure you order a minmum of $30 (or the WOTG) so that it's fair for everyone and each hostess will receive her rewards. I will let you know when it is your month to be the hostess so you can plan accordingly. When you are the hostess, you will still need to order your kit. You will have until the last day of the month to place your order.

This first Club will run from September to January. You will find 4 WOTG kits in the Fall Idea Book, January is a mystery and will be a good month to stock up on other supplies like additional card stock and ink, favorite stamps etc.

Now don't think that if you aren't a scrapbooker then this isn't for you. Each WOTG guide shows you a scrapbooking option AND a card option. Plus if you go to my web site and click on the kit you have chosen, you will see additional layouts and cards that you can make from your kit. Now that's value! You can purchase the kits in any order you choose. The kits are only available during the current Idea Book. Each Idea Book brings new WOTG kits to choose from!

We need at least 5 people to sign up in order to get Hostess Rewards.
So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to join the WOTG Club.

Happy Scrappin'
** You will be placed on the Hostess list in the order that you initially sign up!

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